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How to Clean and Care for Outdoor Teak Furniture

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Teak is a preferable product when it comes to outdoor furniture, and it's not so hard to figure out why. It's very versatile and extremely durable, requiring only little maintenance once in a while. With teak, there are two major states, oiled and fine sanded. If you bought fine sanded teak furniture, then you should be having a natural-looking piece of furniture. It's normally yellow brown. Oiled teak wood is a bit darker. Though this material has got high resistance to rot and mould, it still requires proper maintaining to prevent discolouration and mildew growth. Here are some of the best ways to properly maintain it.

Oiling teak furniture

When wood is left untreated, it weathers out as the natural oils in it are bleached by the sun's rays. This converts the wood into a natural silvery grey colour, which is preferred by some people.

However, if you don't want that look, then you need to constantly oil the timber. The oiling prevents the greying effect and also helps in preventing stains from seeping into your furniture. You'll have to periodically oil the wood after every couple of months depending on your outdoor conditions.

Before oiling, the wood should be thoroughly washed and dried first. Afterwards, apply the oil starting from the bottom upwards to prevent any dripping and staining. You could also use a cloth moistened with mineral spirits to get rid of any surfaces that have got excess oil.

Cleaning the wood

Regular cleaning is important to teak furniture, and it assists in preventing mildew build-up.  When cleaning, avoid using highly concentrated solutions as these may discolour the wood. Mild soap solution mixed with vinegar would suffice. If you're facing tougher stains, then get a teak cleaner from your nearest store. They are designed specifically for teak furniture.

Also avoid using steel wool and steel wire brushes when doing you're cleaning. These materials may leave some residue on the wood that will eventually rust and cause discolouration on the wood. Additionally, the hard brushes may scratch the wood and make the surface appear unsightly.


Teak can handle the elements pretty well even in the harsh winter seasons. However, wind can carry materials that may be abrasive and snow loading may also reduce its lifespan. If you wish to store your furniture, then simply move it to an area indoors such as the garage. Avoid placing it in heated, dry environs because this may cause breakage. Also remember to use a well ventilated covering to prevent mildew growth.

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