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How to Move a Sideboard from a Truck into a Dining Room

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Did you that you can move a heavy sideboard from a removal truck and into your home without hiring people to help you to lift it? Read on and discover how you and a helper can achieve this feat with the help of moving blankets.

From the Truck to the Steps

Place a moving blanket (a blanket used to wrap furniture during a removal) on the ground close to the loading ramp of the moving truck. One person should get into the truck and push the wrapped sideboard towards the door of the truck. The other person can remain outside the truck and guide the oncoming table onto the blanket that you had spread on the ground. Once the sideboard is on the blanket, hold the corners of the blanket and drag the sideboard over the grass in front of your house until you get to the steps in front of the house.

Getting It over the Steps

Create a "ramp" of blankets on the front steps. You can do this by folding several blankets lengthwise and then place them one the steps. Place several blankets on top of each other so that they even out the bumps created by the elevation of one step from the next. Next, remove the blankets that were wrapped around the sideboard. You can now slide the sideboard over the blankets until it is inside the house.

Getting It to the Dining Room

Place a blanket on the floor just after the front steps. Push the sideboard onto that blanket. You can now drag the sideboard through the living room until you get it to the dining room. Once it is where you want it to be, carefully flip the sideboard onto its feet. You can then remove the blanket that dragged it to its final destination.

As you can see, the method above saves you from have having to use a lot of energy to lift the heavy sideboard. It also saves you from damaging the sideboard as you keep lifting and lowering it during the process of moving it from outdoors to the dining room.

In case you have another heavy piece of furniture that you would like to move, contact furniture removal professionals for an applicable method that you can use if the blanket trick above cannot work. You can also ask them to move that furniture for you so that you do not put the furniture or yourself at risk.