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Get your new offices premises ready the easy way

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When you acquire a new office premises for your new business, it would be great to be able to move in straightaway, but realistically, there is usually a lot of work that needs to be done first to make your office space ready for use. You will need to arrange for a complete commercial fit-out to turn the bare space into a comfortable working environment where your staff can work productively and where you can bring clients for meetings.

Why bother with a commercial fit-out?

You could simply purchase a desk and a chair for yourself and move straight into the office, but such an approach rarely works. The electrical fittings may be in the wrong place or absent altogether, or the rooms may be the wrong size or poorly arranged for your purposes. As a minimum, the building will probably require some decoration, and you will need to acquire sufficient matching office furniture to create a good impression for any potential clients that will be coming to your premises. You could do all this work yourself, but that would seriously detract from the amount of time available to run your business. Another approach would be to hire individual tradesmen and office furniture supplies to complete each of the tasks involved. The problem with that way of doing things is that you need to manage each tradesman individually and spend a lot of time explaining to each of them what is needed. It is generally much simpler to employ a single company to undertake the whole commercial fit-out from start to finish.

What's involved in a commercial fit-out?

The scope of a commercial fit-out will vary depending on the needs of your business and the condition of the building that needs fitting out. Generally, you will need to consider the renovation of the building, the electrical supply and connections and the provision of suitable office furniture. The fit-out may have to start with the demolition of unneeded walls or partitions before moving on to plastering, painting and decorating. Finally, new cabinets, fixtures and signage will be fitted before the final office furniture fit-out takes place. Your new workspace will need to be carefully planned by both you and the company carrying out the work to ensure your needs are considered at every stage. The design will aim to complement the way your staff will work to help them maximise efficiency while presenting a professional aspect to those who will visit your premises. All of this will be agreed with you at every stage to ensure that the final commercial fit-out is perfect for the needs of your company.