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Crucial Things You Should Know Before Buying Wicker Furniture

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The thought of buying new furniture for your outdoor or indoor space can be exciting. However, buying furniture without the right guidance can be confusing, as the market offers different types of furniture that have different shapes, styles, and specifications.

Wicker furniture is one furniture category to consider as it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Wicker is used when referring to both the type of material and the weaving process used when creating the furniture. Here are three crucial things to know before you invest in wicker furniture.

The Material Used

Wicker furniture can be made from different materials, but there are four main organic vine types used to make indoor furniture. They include rattan, bamboo, willow, and reed. These materials are most suited for indoor spaces as they deteriorate when exposed to excessive sunlight and moisture.

On the other hand, aluminium and synthetic fibres are the materials of choice for outdoor wicker furniture. The synthetic resins and vinyl not only maintain the wicker appearance but can also withstand the harsh outdoor conditions.

The Support

There is a huge difference between wicker used to make small objects, such as laundry baskets, and the wicker used to make furniture that people sit on. Therefore, carefully analyse the wicker material used to make the furniture piece you want to buy and ensure it will serve your purpose.

Perform a quick test on any wicker piece meant to support body weight. For instance, you can sit on a wicker chair before buying it to get a feel of it. That is a critical aspect since the wicker furniture may be fragile.

The Environmental Effects

Today, environmental protection is something that most people are taking seriously. If you are environmentally conscious, you might need to know where the materials used to make your furniture come from. Any wooden products should have information about the source or place of origin.

Getting furniture made with wood from a sustainable forest will put you at ease, knowing you are playing your part in protecting the environment. Rattan is one of the materials to choose for your furniture as it grows back very fast after harvesting.

These are some aspects to know before you start shopping for your wicker furniture. Understanding what you want before you head to the market will guarantee a fun and easy shopping experience. If you are stuck on where to start, seek guidance from furniture experts. The professionals will ensure you get durable and sustainable furniture for your space.